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CHEF Emily Wells

Fundraising Dinner at The Mill in New Glasgow

Farmers Helping Farmers 2022

Friday, October 7th & Saturday, October 8th

Farmers Helping Farmers is delighted to be partnering again with Chef Emily Wells and her team at The Mill in New Glasgow. The money raised by Emily’s meals will support the work of the Farmers Helping Farmers Education committee, including school food programs, as well as the provision of mosquito nets, books and solar lights to help Kenyan children study at night.


On behalf of all of our partners in Kenya, asante to Chef Emily Wells and her crew for all of their hard work.

There will be four sittings:

  • Friday, October 7th 5 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, October 8th 5 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.


$50 per person includes coffee/tea

Carrot Squash Soup


Mixed Greens with Honey Mustard Dressing


Roast Pork Loin with savoury apple bread pudding & pan gravy served with roasted vegetables & mashed potatoes


Roasted Vegetable Ratatouille with Polenta


Chocolate zucchini cake with cream cheese icing


Cranberry blueberry crumble

Coffee and tea included

Gluten and Dairy free options will be available

The Mill in New Glasgow presents

Petunia live at The Mill

Wednesday, September 14 at 8:30 p.m.  |  Join us for dinner before the show, reservations required

About Petunia

Petunia is more than just an entertainer, he’s a modern musical enigma. Imagine that David Lynch and Nick Cave had a hillbilly baby, that yodeled… or Tom Waits meets Elvis at Woody Guthrie’s hobo junction. This is just one way of describing the man known simply as Petunia. He’s an adventure seeker, a poker player, and a mysterious stranger. He’s been referred to as “The Savior of Country Music”, and a man who exists in a different era, bringing the past forth as something new to be celebrated and not forgotten.

Petunia grew up in rural Quebec, in exactly the sort of surroundings that a country musician would find idyllic, with old dilapidated barns, secret forts, and acres of unspoiled land. As an adult, the wandering spirit took a firm hold on his life, so he set out on the road, playing every major street corner across Canada and throughout the NYC subway system, before graduating to full fledged touring musician. When he’s not on the road playing shows, Petunia is also involved in the theatre world; building side projects, writing scores, acting, or collaborating with theatre artists. He currently resides in Vancouver BC, and works with several sets of sidemen across Canada, the US and Europe in addition to his own Vancouver based band, The Vipers. A restless wanderer, a musical historian, and a quirky yet amazing talent, Petunia is simply a Canadian treasure joining the greats from north of the 49th.

The Mill.

The Mill in New Glasgow is a restaurant, community hub and take-out marché that celebrates local food as a connector of people to place, history, family and civic life. Chef Emily Wells and her team are known for serving high quality comfort food prepared with locally-sourced ingredients and international flair.

The Mill’s dining room, which overlooks the River Clyde and the rolling hills of New Glasgow, PEI; its eclectic loft; and take-out marché invite you to savour delicious meals in the company of family and friends. Traditional recipes are updated with a contemporary twist, placing local ingredients supplied by PEI farmers, fishers and food producers front and centre. Community is the beating heart of The Mill — the building has a rich history as a public hall and gathering place, which continues today thanks to Emily’s work with The River Clyde Pageant, Farmers Helping Farmers, and other local initiatives. Join us for a meal, a drink, or a visit to the marché. We’re open Wednesday through Sunday, from 12-3pm for lunch and from 5 to 9pm for dinner.


The Mill in New Glasgow started life as the New Glasgow Hall, built around 1896. The Hall served several functions in the community; as a courthouse and as a gathering place for social events, meetings, debates and dances. In later years, the New Glasgow Hall was used for training sessions by the Reserve Army, local church suppers, and square dances hosted by the Junior Farmers. In the 1960s, the Hall was converted into a grist mill by the Dingwell family, and sold to Roland Larkin in the mid-1970s. In 1997 it was converted by Roland’s son and daughter-in-law, Harvey and Rosemary, into the Olde Glasgow Mill Restaurant. Emily Wells purchased the restaurant from the Larkins in 2015 and renamed it The Mill in New Glasgow.

Public halls played an important role in the life of Prince Edward Island communities throughout the 20th century, as venues for community celebrations, convenings, meals and more. In recent years, The Mill has reconnected with its former function thanks to workshops, picnics and events held there by The River Clyde Pageant, Farmers Helping Farmers, and other local initiatives.

About Chef Emily Wells.

Emily Wells was born in London, England and lived with her family in England, Germany and Sweden before returning to Canada in 1974, when her parents purchased a farm in western PEI. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of Canada, Emily has worked in restaurants in PEI and Ontario for the past three decades, including ten years as chef at The Dunes Cafe in Brackley. In 2014, Emily became chef and owner of The Mill in New Glasgow — formerly the Olde Glasgow Mill owned by Harvey and Rosemary Larkin.

Emily is passionate about local food, ethical food production and cooking and eating as a way to strengthen our ties to land, ancestry and culture. Emily has been a lead organizer and chef for the Fall Harvest Lunches in support of Farmers Helping Farmers for the past 15 years, raising over $25,000 in support of farmers and farming families in Kenya.

Emily is a co-founder of The River Clyde Pageant, with her brother Ker Wells and Megan Stewart. She is the chef and community liaison for the Pageant, organizing and preparing the outdoor meals that have concluded every performance since the Pageant began in 2016.

Emily was the winner of the 2015 Taste Our Island Award. In July 2016, she was named one of the top chefs in Canada by Matador Network.

The Marché.

The Marché at The Mill is stocked with delicious foods for takeaway that you can enjoy as a picnic meal, on the go, or from the comfort of your own home. Stop by and pick up some of our prepared salads, soups, savoury pies and other dishes. Cookies, brownies and local greens are also available.

The Loft

The Loft at The Mill is an inviting and eclectic upstairs space with a bar, a small stage and an upright piano. Throughout the summer, the Loft is used for indoor dining, River Clyde Pageant workshops, live music events and dances.

The Loft is a multi-purpose room available for rentals, including private parties, meetings, catered lunches and live music events. Inquire for rates using the form at the bottom of this page.

The River Clyde Pageant

The River Clyde Pageant is a spectacular outdoor performance in New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island, that unites community members and professional and emerging artists in its creation and presentation. Each summer’s Pageant features giant puppets, stilt-walkers, musicians and performers of all ages. The Pageant celebrates a vital Island community and the river that has defined and sustained it for over 200 years; promoting values of environmental stewardship, civic practice, and artistic bravery.

The River Clyde Pageant comes to life every summer with a program of free workshops for community members of all ages that culminate in the creation of a full-length theatrical production on land and water. Pre-Pageant events are held throughout the summer at The Mill, with the final production taking place across the river, at the end of July and August.

Learn more about The River Clyde Pageant here.

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HOURS  •  SUMMER 2022 (opening July 2)

Open Wednesday to Sunday

  • Take-out Lunch 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Dine-in Lunch 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Dinner Served 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.



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